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anthonydouglas 26.08.2017 07:59

Catering for small function
Hi, I'm looking for a catering service for a small private function in a couple of weeks. Essentially to prepare an evening meal for 10 people and deliver ready made.
Live on Zurich lake.
Any contacts, suggestions, experiences to share...?

Kittster 31.08.2017 17:05

Re: Catering for small function
You would need to give a bit more detail - what type of food, sit down meal or easy-going buffet, approximate budget...

jazh 31.08.2017 17:24

Re: Catering for small function
I've been to an event catered by the American style restaurant Fork and Bottle. They did a great job.

(Full disclosure - I know Mike, the owner. I find him a super nice guy, but I have no connection or personal interest in his restaurant or catering business)

Sandpiper 01.09.2017 12:07

Re: Catering for small function
Laughing lemon does home catering. I did a Moroccan cooking course there and the food was delicious and the chef was very friendly. Have a great party!https://laughinglemon.ch/catering/home-dining/

Village Idiot 01.09.2017 12:19

Re: Catering for small function
I can't offer specific advice for Zurich, but I can say that catering for a small group is often tricky, especially if you want someone that will deliver rather than picking up yourself. My experience is that the minimum group size is typically 20-25+ before most caterers are prepared to consider delivery / set-up / service.

Kittster 01.09.2017 14:33

Re: Catering for small function
I was very impressed with the service and quality offered by Nourished by Otillie - she does these really amazing apéro riche platters of wholesome and yummy food that look totally different from your usual "apéro fare" found in Switzerland. However, she is based in Lucerne and would charge you for travel time but she will come to your place and either use what you have lying around to create a buffet or she will bring her own platters and decor and you can also arrange for her (or one of her staff) to stay during your event. Obviously, all this does not come at a bargain price and "economies of scale" come into it, the more guests you need catering for the less it costs per head but then I have no idea what budget you are looking at.

I also recently got a flyer in my letterbox from a guy who offers a range of catering and culinary events, I've linked to his catering choices (only available in German but based on his profile he will speak English), his standard delivery area is Oerlikon/Glattpark/Wallisellen/Kloten but I am sure that he would go further afar for a surcharge. Not tried this stuff myself but it sounds nice.

And of course, I second the suggestion of Laughing Lemon, delicious food and a great chef with inspiring passion behind it all.

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