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liveby 14.06.2020 21:13

ceramic pots for sauerkraut
Hi - I love making sauerkraut and once the borders with Germany open, I'd love to search for where to buy ceramic pots or anything else for making sauerkraut. I am used to making it in a usual glass jar, but also read that maybe ceramic pots might be better because of their ability to let the air in. Are there any stores here in CH or maybe in Germany, or maybe online that you'd recommend for buyng something that you found useful for making sauerkraut???? Many thanks in advance!

Pancakes 14.06.2020 22:38

Re: ceramic pots for sauerkraut
Now that is something I have never tried doing myself. :)

I was curious, so I just looked it up, and it looks like they're often referred to as "fermentation pots" and that the German term for it is "Gärtopf." So I did a search for Gärtopf that are sold here in CH, and found a few of them, such as this one at Landi:


And this one, which is a bit smaller:


It looks like there are also many of them sold on Germany's amazon site (amazon.de), such as this one:


(there are many more also listed on there). :)

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