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The Local 23.09.2020 11:06

Meal kits:hassle-free cooking? €45 off for the local readers
After a welcome summer break, September is often the time to re-establish a routine that can help simplify your life.

Finding the time and energy to prepare tasty and nutritious meals is a real challenge – especially as it starts to get darker and colder. From convenience to culinary variety, we all know the perks of meal kits that bring you all the ready-to-cook ingredients you need straight to your door.

But what about the downsides? From expats to locals, plenty of us have reservations about meal kits. Aren’t they expensive? Don’t they produce loads of food waste – not to mention all the packaging?

And then there’s the necessary cooking skills. What about those of us who haven’t spent the last decade diligently watching each and every cooking show with a pad and pen, who somehow seem to mess up everything in the kitchen – even a piece of toast?

Together with our partners Hello Fresh, The Local have dished up some tasty facts on meal kits. From giving you the low down on just how it works to smashing some persistent myths, this is everything you need to know about the modern meal kit.

Read more about Meal Kits and the special offer for readers of TheLocal from Hello Fresh in Germany – or Switzerland or Austria in our FULL ARTICLE

bowlie 23.09.2020 11:57

Re: Meal kits:hassle-free cooking? €45 off for the local readers
Pity the Swiss site doesn’t have a french page.

Cherub 23.09.2020 19:52

Re: Meal kits:hassle-free cooking? €45 off for the local readers
Someone in my building has one of these delivered every week. Personally, I don't think they are worth it as I just open the fridge, see what I've got and away I go. I love the challenge of creating something from leftovers as well :)

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