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new2luzern 04.09.2009 09:34

It's been something that I've avoided most of my life, but recipes every now and again call for lard and any substitute will simply not do any justice.

Does anyone have recommendations for the best place to get lard? I believe it's called "Schmalz" here, correct? I would prefer to get stuff that isn't excessively hydrogentated and kept on a shelf (i.e. want the good stuff I need to keep refridgerated). I could render my own, but does anyone know if I'm going to get super weird looks going into the Metzgerei to ask for pork fat?

Thanks all!

canuckchick 04.09.2009 15:31

Re: Lard
you can get a container of 'schweinfett', literally pig fat, at Migros. It's on the shelf though (not refrigerated).

Otherwise I would sometimes splurge and buy Crisco (vegetable substitute I always used in Canada) at the English store in Zug, but they don't always have it in stock.

Both options have worked fine for the pastry recipes I've used them in.

new2luzern 04.09.2009 15:43

Re: Lard
Thanks for that. I'm going to brave the Metzgerei this weekend to ask for Bauchschmalz, which from my research seems to be the translation for leaf lard. I'm determined to try to find the fresh stuff in hopes of avoiding hydrogenation--and to just try to keep it natural.

If I come up empty handed, I'll try to be brave and do my own...

SarahDYa'll 14.12.2011 15:34

Re: Lard
@new2luzern: did you have any luck finding leaf lard "Bauchschmalz". I'm also looking for lard for pastry recipe. Thanks for any help!

Peg A 14.12.2011 17:33

Re: Lard
I've never used lard myself, I have used Crisco though - they do carry it at American Food Avenue.

Otherwise, I'd say to ask at a local butcher or at the butcher counter at some of the "better" stores (Globus and Manor) as if they don't have it, they may be able to tell you where to get it.

MusicChick 14.12.2011 17:50

Re: Lard
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I am a big fan, its great for cooking is way better than hydrogenated crap..

I saw it in Migros, Aldi and Lidl, Denner might have it too. You need very little, but it is better for cooking than butter. I also had in on my skin when I had an excema as a kid, pork lard is the closest to human skin oils when one has dry skin troubles, etc.

Guest 14.12.2011 17:52

Re: Lard
In French it is called 'saindoux' btw.

And of course 'lard' in French is bacon.

Sagitta 14.12.2011 17:54

Re: Lard

In French it is called 'saindoux' btw.

Everything sounds so refined in French, even lard. :p

JanerMacP 14.12.2011 18:04

Depending on the pastry you can substitute butter. I recently made a pie crust with Crisco and it was terrible. I got the same effect when using really cold butter.

miniMia 15.12.2011 00:35

Re: Lard

Originally Posted by Sagitta (Post 1434371)
Everthing sounds so refined in French, even lard. :p

Yeah, but if you want to call someone saindoux a$$ it doesn't have the same ring to it. :P


Originally Posted by JanerMacP (Post 1434377)
Depending on the pastry you can substitute butter. I recently made a pie crust with Crisco and it was terrible. I got the same effect when using really cold butter.

It depends on the proportions. Too much butter is, well, too much! Lard does not really have any flavor. Too much butter can be to strong a taste.

SarahDYa'll 15.12.2011 08:57

Re: Lard
Thanks for all the suggestions!

eng_ch 15.12.2011 10:10

Re: Lard
I use Schweinefett esp in shortcrust pastry - works fine

Akos084 15.12.2011 13:35

Re: Lard
Just a small suggestion:

'Bauchschmalz' and 'Schweinefett' is not the same. At least in some areas.

If you are looking for lard, go for Schweinefett
If you are looking for suet, go for Bauchschmalz

and as said before, it can be substituted with butter, but than your pastry will be not so 'crunchy' as with lard...

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