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ianmackenzie 06.10.2007 14:58

Watching Scotland vs Ukraine
hi guys,

I just moved to Zurich and want to continue watching Scotland destroy all European competitors!
So I want to watch Scotland vs. Ukraine on October 13th. I was going to head to one of the pubs (such as Oliver twist, P.O'Reillys), however I noticed that the England vs. Estonia game is on at the same time! (I'm thinking they may put the England game on instead :msnsad:.) I think this also will apply to the Georgia vs. Scotland game too! Do they sometimes divide the screens up for different games?

My natural instinctic was to go to the "bonnie Prince" but It doesnt look that good for football

Is anybody else going to watch it in Zurich and if so, Where?!

I don't fancy travelling back to Scotland to watch it ! :msnsarcastic:

Smartie 07.10.2007 13:47

Re: Watching Scotland vs Ukraine
I can't comment for Züri, but would expect it to be similar to in Basel where in an expat pub I've been in it had a previous Scottish game on at the front of the pub and an England game on at the back.

It left me quite vexed in fact as it calls itself an English pub! ;)

ianmackenzie 07.10.2007 15:52

Re: Watching Scotland vs Ukraine

After investigating the pubs yesterday:msnsick: I think i'll be watching it at Paddys!

Fraser 07.10.2007 16:13

Re: Watching Scotland vs Ukraine
The Nelson will probably have the Scotland game on in the front part of the bar (in the door, turn right) and I imagine there'll be quite a lot of scots in. Resist that instinct to go to the Bonnie Prince :-)

I'm going to be in the motherland next weekend and if anyone has 2 tickets of the game, please let me know...

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