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Lob 09.06.2006 11:32

Who will win the World Cup?
Very topical.....
Seedings taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seeding...FIFA_World_Cup
Also I would have done all 32 teams but......limit on Poll is 10 :(

Jack 09.06.2006 15:31

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
My other....Sweden in a total surprise....

stamp 11.06.2006 23:49

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
quick note:

recently a friend forwarded me this report by the UBS economic analysis department.. they used their official econometric tools for rating countries and the industries for the results of the World Cup games..

the study is quite lenghty as they predict results of all games and possible correlations but the bottom line is , they predict a Brazil vs Italy final, with Brazil having 40 sth of luck against Italy 50 sth...

Lob 12.06.2006 09:06

Re: Who will win the World Cup?

Originally Posted by Jack
My other....Sweden in a total surprise....

After the game on Saturday, I would say that Yes, A Total Surprise it would be ;) :D

Jack 12.06.2006 10:51

Re: Who will win the World Cup?

Originally Posted by Lob Rockster
After the game on Saturday, I would say that Yes, A Total Surprise it would be ;) :D

...and I would agree...so much for yankees knowing anything about football!

Lob 12.06.2006 11:11

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
it's interesting to see the only people thinking England will win are the ones who thought Boro would win the UEFA cup :D

On the bright side, news of the fans' behaviour being well-received is good. In all seriousness, I don't mind who wins if the quality of play is good - and that the fans don't kick-off :)

Jack 12.06.2006 12:18

Re: Who will win the World Cup?

Originally Posted by Lob Rockster
In all seriousness, I don't mind who wins if the quality of play is good - and that the fans don't kick-off :)

I totally agree...

Lob 13.06.2006 10:26

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
in the news today:
Laboured victory for the Azzuri against Ghana.....
Fine comeback for the Lucky Aussies against Japan.....
Comprehensive defeat for USA (rank 5 by FIFA) by Czechs (rank 2).....


Lob 14.06.2006 11:48

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
our dedicated reporter witnessed two matches yesterday.......

The match he missed:
Togo - South Korea - very exciting by the looks of the supporters celebrating another fine comeback!

Matches watched:
France and Switzerland - bore-draw. Alexander Frei could not score even in titty-bar in Langstrasse, it seem ;) France barely got going and are a shadow of the 1998/2000 team.

Brazil - Croatia - a decent game. Saw Ronaldo run twice (once to leave the pitch). Croatia undone by a Kaka goal from 30m. Difference between the teams was seen in attack. Brazil could magic something from nothing, Croatia solid but uninspiring.

Tonight, we can say that we've seen all teams in the tournament play at least once. Germany also has the chance to be the first-qualified team from the group stage with a positive result against Poland.

Spain plays Ukraine with Tunisia playing Saudi Arabia in the other match.

gooner 14.06.2006 12:28

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
I agree... the French/Swiss game was terrible. I'm sad the Swiss didn't win though, not because I support them, but it would be good to beat the last wisp of air out of a jaded French side. Get Henry back to Highbury, err, Emirates.

The Brazil game was a good bit of eye-candy. It is difficult to gauge what level they are playing to, and as for Ronaldo... whoever says Chester Chipmunk's a Gooner - Please no, give him some more pies and leave him alone.

I thought the Croats did well though, not bad for a starting game and if the trend continues I think we're in for a goodin.

Lob 14.06.2006 14:33

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
Rumour has it Ronaldo's going to Chelsea

Chelsea Pensioners' Sunday league team than is ;)

gooner 14.06.2006 17:05

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
He's eat all the celery they throw at him...

Spanish game was a firecracker, Spain look good adn it's about time. Ukraine were terrible and the ref's a w*nker... that was not a penalty, no way.

Anyway, nice to see a goal fest and some domination.

Lob 15.06.2006 09:13

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
World Cup, Day Six:

Spain. Played well by all accounts, newspapers saying Ukraine received a master-class. Still, NO PENALTY. Swiss ref....Massimo someone wasn't it? He shot, he fell, minimal contact. He's on for an early plane home.

Tunisia scored the first WC point for an African nation against Saudi Arabia in a four-goal thriller. With the WC heading to Africa, I foresee this not being uncommon - excellent news.

Now now....Germany, bar a miracle qualified. Against the Poles, they looked very average; Poland lacking much consistency through the team, Germany being able to pass comfortably until giving the ball away in the final third. Lucky goal but deserved victors......I still stand by my four-game prognosis for the German team. Out a week on Sunday as winners group B against runner-up A.

The big match is today. 30+ degrees, Dwight Yorke, Rooney? I predict a difficult start leading to a 4-0 win with the first hat-trick in the competition for Owen - who makes way then for Theo. You heard it first here ;)

Yokine 16.06.2006 15:16

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
OK, question for the day. Why in the World Cup do England/Wales/Scotland/N. Ireland play separately rather as a single Great Britain/UK team? At the Olympics it's a Great Britain team. What's the history with this arrangement?

Lob 16.06.2006 15:25

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
It's all about national FAs and the voting rights they have with FIFA. Apparently the reason behind having no GB team at Olypics, etc, is the fear that the voting rights will be cut from 4 to 1.

Onto a review of the matches yesterday.
Ecuador - Costa Rica. Finished 3-0 and Ecuador I fancy to beat Germany next Tuesday, especially if the weather's still warm. Comfortable winners (and why are the goalfests at the time I'm at work??!)

England - Trinidad & Tobago. Hard work. Why Sven put Carrah on the right and did not instead start with Lennon to really split the TT defence, I don't know. Lacking spark to break-down a resilient team, England finally got the breakthrough when Crouching Tiger, Herr Puller (see below) scored. Stevie G scored a belter soon afterwards :) 2-0


Sweden - Paraguay. Sweden began with a decent tempo and laboured to a last-minute goal....for much time they looked like all the possession would count for nothing against stubborn opposition.

Group A has it's two qualifiers - and they play next Tuesday for the group-win. Ecuador needs only to not lose to win the group.

Group B has one qualifier (England) and Sweden can still be overtaken by the boys from TT....losing to England and TT beating Paraguay would likely see TT through. Interesting stuff...!

gooner 18.06.2006 09:51

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
England don't stand a chance, not like that. The only reason they got the goals was because T&T were tired. I really can't see any other team being fearful of this English side. England needs a British manager, there is something about Sven and the Swedish that the English don't know, it's called 'lagom'.

There is no English translation, it comes pretty close to 'sufficient', 'just enough', 'not too much and not too little'. It can relate to a portion size, a distance, for a example a portion of food can be 'lagom stor' - just enough to hit the spot, touch sides.

This runs deep in the Swedish mentality, a negotiation can reach a state of silent consensus, by way of lagom although not all Swedes would not agree with this. You have to be a non Swede to pick up on this.

Sven on his 5 mill a year, sees the England performance of just good enough, it's lagom, it'll do, if they get knocked out in the next round, well, they got there in the first place, and that'll do, now where's my salary and media exposure?

How would a fierce Scotsman's reaction be? Think Furguson or O'Neil? Sven is a loser and so is this English side under his management.


The Italian/USA game was a firecracker... I'm so glad I recorded match of the day... The Italians are so arrogant and they're in trouble now, although they'll most likely go through, but they deserved a pasting. Wouldn't it be great if Czech republic and Ghana went though?

Today's footie looks good... we're in for a treat.

gbn 18.06.2006 10:29

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
I watched the USA vs Italy and Czech vs Ghana last night.
I've never liked the italian team and shame about the 1st usa red card.

I hope england meet germany next, we're stuffed if we meet Ecuador...

Lob 20.06.2006 15:59

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
1966, is it an omen?

I cannot comment about the Italians - should've won but the US really pulled their collective finger out. Ghana - FANTASTIC to upset the applecart!

Portugal were predictable winners.....I missed many matches over the weekend.

So let's go to MONDAY and the Swiss. Toothless. Alexander Frei is frankly average. Barnetta ..... smashing game. France self-destructed again; South Korea were simply South Korea (ok Sunday match)....Spain took a while to get going and it looked like a surpise was on the cards there....and Ukraine bounced back to get back "on track"......

But we're 5 minutes away from Germany - Ecuador. I've been looking forwards to this for a week.....! I'm thinking AWAY WIN!

And England to banish 38 years of not beating the Swedes by.........beating the Swedes. Honest, you heard it first here - Rooney hat-trick, first of the tournament ;)

gbn 20.06.2006 19:41

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
I was at the Spain vs Tunisia match.
Great to watch.

England: as patriotic as I am, I'm embarrassed by the team.

gooner 21.06.2006 10:09

Re: Who will win the World Cup?
Sven is still a turnip with his 'give me my 5 million and then I'm outta here' toothy grin - and England will be going home, without football. Did you see 'crouching tiger, hidden Crouch' looking as lost as ever, really, what a freak.

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