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Longbyt 16.01.2011 20:29

Please check this Thread. Your question may already have been covered.
Forum Ground Rules

Forum Rules and the Conditions you agree to on Registration - until 2010

Guidelines for posting on here

Forum Usage Guidelines

[Policy] Multiple usernames, changing usernames - the Original ruling.

Does my Thread belong in the main section of the Forum or is it Off Topic?

Obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening posts

Spam - if you see it and it sits there for too long

Spam - how does it get removed.

Anatomy of a post: all those buttons and links, explained - Thanks/Groans, reporting posts, reputation - the lot. Well worth reading

Thread Titles when posting on EF

How do I upload pictures onto EF posts / threads ?

Tags - marking your threads with keywords

[Help] How to search effectively - Mark's original explanation

Methods of Searching the Forum (2012) - post by Moderator 22 yards with screen shot

The 'Where is that Thread?' Thread - good place to ask help from members if you know there was a thread about it and cannot find it.

Forum Leaders: who's who and what's what? - until 2008

List of present Moderators and Administrators - is to be found here.

How to send Private Messages - (Replying to Market Place Advertisements).

Abbreviations frequently used on English Forum

Why can't I...?

-----I've reached my posting limit - what does this mean? 4% Lockout - more details on the same subject; especially for mathematicians.

-----Why are email addresses and phone numbers removed from posts? - explanations

Limitations for 'New Members' - The Market Place Rules

-----I cannot post in the Market Place - The rules and why they were put in place. (Jobs Offered does not fall under this ruling).

-----4 Messages in 1440 minutes - what does it mean? Limits remain until member is eligible to post a new Thread in the Market Place. (see above)

Why does it say I have a message, when I haven't one in my in-box? - the simple explanation

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