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Swiss Cheddar 10.01.2008 13:03

WOW!!!!! mods/admin
I have only been on this forum for a couple of days, and i have to say i am very very impressed with how its run.

Quickly and effeciantly posts are moved, retitled, merged etc...

So just a quick message to say keep up the good work and to let you know i will be posting here for the forseeable future!!!


p.s. This thread is probably in the wrong place and/or is titled incorrectly, but im sure it will be sorted within seconds lol !!

Guest 10.01.2008 13:07

Re: WOW!!!!! mods/admin
Wait until the pesky mods get over zealous and you're left with the feeling of being "moderated" :D

No they do a fantastic job in difficult circumstances especially with trouble makers like myself! As you say things are cleared up pretty quickly and in the main they are neutral and unbiased with comments/advice. :)

Saying that I was tempted to hire a hitman to take one of them out at their annual xmas meal...(no names and I am joking) lol ;)


Guest 10.01.2008 13:07

Re: WOW!!!!! mods/admin
I think "Forum Support" is intended to signify help with technical issues with its running, rather than an opportunity for some sychophantic-arse-licking, but then I suppose they are doing quite a good job.

Swiss Cheddar 10.01.2008 13:09

Re: WOW!!!!! mods/admin
lol, at least it will give them something to do.......

Patxi 08.09.2020 11:04

Re: WOW!!!!! mods/admin
Just wanted to add to this.

Although I don't agree sometimes with a few of you, 99% of the time you do a fantastic job. Keep up the good work and don't let the vocal minority (0.1%?) get you down.

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