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Fuzzfriendly 12.12.2017 15:07

just another thank you note
No, Iím not leaving Switzerland but I do feel very grateful. This forum has been and is simply wonderful! Iíve spent so much time here and have found so many answers and helpful posts!

Now I just prepare myself a cup of coffee and browse through forum on a daily basis. I hope I can give back some of the love&help eventually.

And special thanks to:

@ grumpygrapefruit
@ Helm
@Medea Fleecestealer
@st2lemans (Tom)
@Today only

I canít even mention all of the member that made me laugh during some difficult and/or confusing times. And I thank newbies for suffering the groans and asking questions in a way that helps other newbies like myself. Thank you all!
Thankful for this forum, mods and members!!

Medea Fleecestealer 12.12.2017 17:39

Re: just another thank you note
Nice to know someone appreciates us Fuzzfriendly. ;) If we've helped then that's great because as far as I'm concerned that's what the forum exists for - to help each other, old and new members alike - through whatever life is throwing at them.

PilatesFan 12.12.2017 17:42

Re: just another thank you note
@Ace1 for being an excellent moderator

grumpygrapefruit 13.12.2017 11:12

Re: just another thank you note
Thanks for the Thanks, you're welcome!

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