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mark 08.03.2006 13:37

Portal front end? Comments please
Hi guys,

This is a forum where I hang out occassionally:


I just wanted you to take a look at it because it runs the same software as we run here, but there is a portal on the front. The portal allows additional features like blogs and the ability to add "guides" to the front.

Obviously this wouldn't work without support from you guys, but do you think it would have a place on this system?


Lob 08.03.2006 14:30

Re: Portal front end? Comments please
Websense has kindly blocked this for me....so what're you thinking of having as a portal page? I'm thinking WRT layout and managability....as well as what content from other (competitor) sites ;)

mark 08.03.2006 14:42

Re: Portal front end? Comments please
Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words (just look at your avatar!) so it's difficult to complain. You'll just have to have a look when you get home I suppose!

These are some different portals:

Or there's vbindex - i can't seem to find the home page. I'd like to put in features like blogs or picture galleries.

Lob 08.03.2006 15:27

Re: Portal front end? Comments please
ah yes, using divs and having headlines CMS-style?
that would be good - especially if you have a div for the logged-in user to shortcut to search for new posts.

What news and items would you imagine carrying?

gooner 09.03.2006 15:17

Re: Portal front end? Comments please
I think it's a great idea... Galleries, wordpress as blog (since you're running LIMP?) communal photo blogs, user's flickr badges for eg etc, opportunity for richer content.

Richard 09.03.2006 15:56

Re: Portal front end? Comments please
And it would be nice to have links to other blogs/forums of thread interest, and to maybe have contests... ie avatar of the month best and worst (Which Mark would win this month), and perhaps news feeds to Swiss news/UK news/US news...

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