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Begga 06.02.2010 11:36

Create event & edit pool
I seem to be technically retarded today.

My create event button seems to be gone missing, so I'm not quite sure how to create an event again.

Also, I wanted to add options to a pool I made, but can't find where to. (I am nearly sure I have done it some time ago...)

I am also sure these questions have pooped up before, but I didn't manage to find them.

My apologize for acting like a newbie.

bARRON 06.02.2010 11:39

Re: Create event & edit pool
Press the 'new thread' button in social events forum

Begga 06.02.2010 11:46

Re: Create event & edit pool
That's what I did :)
However, it doesn't give me the same as the old create event did. Like timing, city, blablabla and last but not least - RSVP option.

Papa Goose 06.02.2010 11:54

Re: Create event & edit pool
I noticed this to, so I went into calendar and set up my events that way.

Begga 06.02.2010 11:55

Re: Create event & edit pool
Okay, found it, but it took time...

For other ones facing this problem, you have to click on the calendar and click on that tiny little box under the calendar "add a ranged event".

Deep Purple 06.02.2010 11:58

Re: Create event & edit pool
Does the event end up in the right forum depending on the type of event you select?

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