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Slaphead 23.02.2010 13:08

Can't create an Event
Was just going to stick up an event for the weekend drinks in the social events, and maybe I'm going blind in my old age, but I can't see the "Create Event" button. I can start a new thread, but seemingly not a new event.

It seems that also I can't create an event in the commercial section either.

I don't suppose it's got anything do to with the very recent changes to editing privileges?


cyrus 23.02.2010 13:31

Re: Can't create an Event
You now have to go to calendar from the top menu bar.

It was better when you could create from each forum area related to the calendar.

HashBrown 23.02.2010 13:34

Re: Can't create an Event
"Add New Event" in top right corner of Calendar page.

Have a pint and it will all be clear.

Slaphead 23.02.2010 13:41

Re: Can't create an Event
Thanks guys. Would prefer the Event Button back though.

dutchie.m 03.08.2011 18:43

Re: Can't create an Event
Yes I want to create an event as well, I see all the buttons very sharply but I get the message that I might not have the rights to create and event. Who to contact, where to go and would appreciate the help!

Slaphead 03.08.2011 18:56

Re: Can't create an Event
Just checked your profile and you appear to have been here long enough, and have enough posts to do the majority of forum things.

Try it again, and if it fails then log out and then log back in again. If this still doesn't work then please post the exact error message you're seeing.

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