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TiMow 13.01.2015 18:48

Re: Teenagers

Originally Posted by MusicChick (Post 2318202)
We have been practising for the teenage angst and rebellion...it makes me and my girl laugh in the middle of a spectaculous dramalama session. I think prevention is the key, tbh..And loads of tlc before they start pulling away.

Adults behaving teen way are in fact intolerable. At least teenagers have a legit excuse.

You think you can take on the hormones with TLC? ...... Good luck.

MusicChick 13.01.2015 19:17

Re: Teenagers

Originally Posted by TiMow (Post 2318255)
You think you can take on the hormones with TLC? ...... Good luck.

I wouldn't do that. I would OD them with TLC up until they say they want no more..like 10yr or something.

I wonder how many of us were excellent teenagers?

SOBEIT 14.01.2015 11:35

Re: Teenagers
Classic yesterday; my teenage son who is nearly sixteen decided to do a back flip off his desk while the teacher left the class for a bit and then uploaded it. His friend filmed him. Luckily he survived with no broken bones.


Teacher came back and asked about all the commotion and they explained.
Her response; 'next time to that in the gym'. No bollocking, nothing, like it is the norm!

Just saying.....

skallywag 14.01.2015 12:55

Re: Teenagers
Switzerland is invented for teenagers, buy them big mountain skis and go to the hills, point them at the park or big drop offs, sorted! ...of course if they are horrid you can always leave them there ;)

My teenage daughter loves it :)

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