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amouses 23.08.2011 06:03

Canadian Car Hire
Small but simple question from someone who visits West Coast Canada (Vancouver) shortly.

We would like to hire for a period of 10 days a "decent" but not exotic Sports car.

Something like a Nissan 370Z or similar 2 door coupe

The simple paramters are
- Not large and lumbering!
- Coupe not convertible
- Exotica / Supercar not really needed
- 200 BHP plus would be nice / expected
- 2 doors not 4
- Hatchback would be nice
- DSG (Dual Cluth) better than Manual / Conventional Auto

I searched a lot of hire car companies but I am astonished that I can find no online company that does a decent rental.

So can any West Coast Canadians who read this forum please enlighten me. Have my googling skills descended to an all time low?

regards mb

Coolio 23.08.2011 11:07

Re: Canadian Car Hire
Try Alamo Car rental or any of the large car rental companies. When trying to make the reservation be sure that you say you live in Switzerland . The price quoted will include everything. In some cases even the gas. I always rent from Alamo. Canadian prices are a bit higher than US prices.

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