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SwissAstrid 23.08.2011 20:25

I had
a very nice day and needed one!

So no questions or whatever in this posts.

I just had fun day, starting to feel at home, getting my way around town and everything!

After dropping the older kids at school, me and my princess went to "Mommy and me" playgroup in Schaffhausen where we met great people, got some nice tips on spielgruppe and such. After we went to pick up the older ones we went to the rhine beach and cooled off.....Now a simple lasagna is in the oven and dinner is almost served...

Now you think why is this worth posting...Well after my dear Mom passed away almost 9 months ago I didn't have a decent good day till now, so yes, it is mentionable.....

Thank you for reading my rant!

ximix 23.08.2011 20:30

Re: I had
Nice reading a cheerful post for the sake of cheerfulness for a change. :)

Why did you call it a "rant"? It's anything but that! :D

Sagitta 23.08.2011 20:50

Re: I had
Itís absolutely mentionable!
If only a few people got a warm feeling in their hearts after reading your post, you have reached out and touched them, and this is priceless.

Chemmie 23.08.2011 21:47

Re: I had
Glad you enjoyed your day! Definitely a reason to celebrate and enjoy!

But personally I'd be bragging about having a daughter and a simple lasagna---let alone an oven to cook it in.

So each and everyone's definition of happiness is different, but when you experience, you might as well share and bask in it!

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