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Guest 21.11.2011 11:21

iWeb tutor? for website owners
After much disappointment with wordpress, paying someone to "fix" my website, I am now going to start it over with either iWeb or blogger. Anyone else also building or rebuilding their website? Want to work together, help each other or tutor in barter for either ESL or yoga lessons?
Ms. NY

Caribeangeorge 21.11.2011 11:53

Re: iWeb tutor? for website owners
maybe you want to try http://www.xara.com/us/products/webdesigner/
pretty easy and with $ 99.- not too expensive. The 30 day trial should give you enough time to build your own site...

JasonD 21.11.2011 12:07

Re: iWeb tutor? for website owners
May I ask exactly what it is that you need assistance with?

I work in the IT Industry and know my way around the web, even did a lot of web design and development 'back in the day'.

If there's something I can help with I'll try and do what I can.

Markarina 21.11.2011 22:29

Re: iWeb tutor? for website owners
A lot of hosting companies will as part of the hosting package have tools suchas sitebuilder that you can use, I did the initial creation of my personal website with sitebuilder. These days I tend to tweak it using a wysiwyg html editor.

Guest 21.11.2011 22:43

Re: iWeb tutor? for website owners
I am a journalist and I need to upload a lot of "clips" stuff I wrote in PDF or online for magazines and newspapers. I'd like the cover of the magazine to be displayed to make it look nice. I don't want "links" but a more visual layout of the actual article. Does that change anything? Thanks!

Markarina 21.11.2011 23:27

Re: iWeb tutor? for website owners
If you have a link to a site similar to what you are trying to create then I'll see if I can recreate something similar on my domain using sitebuilder

simonswiss 18.03.2012 12:11

Re: iWeb tutor? for website owners
I would honestly advise you that iWeb is a huge downgrade over wordpress. Wordpress isIMO the easiest platform to build websites and very powerful, beyond the traditional blogging platform is used to be.

Maybe you were using wordpress.com - i would then suggest to get your own hosting and download WP from wordpress.org to have access to ALL the plugins available in the WP community.

Alternatively, you should consider weebly.com, a pretty neat website building app. very useful if you have limited web development skills.



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