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TiMow 08.06.2012 23:42

.... does anyone else watch this? .... does anyone else get it? - probably the funniest thing on tele at the moment -- maybe I'm biased because I had an insight into the world in which it's set, so can appreciate the stereotypes - they haven't changed in nearly 20yrs.

Best thing Matt Le Blanc has done - after all Friends was a Murdoch production.

The writing on the first series was good, but this second series is really sharp - spot on.

Natasha 19.04.2015 11:41

Re: Episodes
Yes. I watch it and I love it.

Hybridising American and English comedy was a genius plan, and it works, with so many great quotes to boot.

hannah'sauntie 19.04.2015 11:45

Re: Episodes
Yes, watched it and loved it!

jain 19.04.2015 19:45

Re: Episodes
Its fantastic. Matt LeBlanc and the actors that play Sean and Beverly are spot on. A very well made series. Good laughs.

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