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Busby 12.10.2012 08:55

North Korea
I'm just coming towards the end of reading an absolutely fascinating book - The Orphan Master's Son - by Adam Johnson. This book I have from the library and is 'fiction'. This is the tale of a life (amongst other things) in N.K. Now, approaching the end, and being somewhat troubled by the seeming reality I went to Wipikedia and looking up North Korea. I'm more than shocked, it really seems as if this book is based on the true situation and circumstances of the people in North Korea as reported in Wiki.

I need some time to digest this horrible realization.

Assassin 12.10.2012 09:02

Re: North Korea
Check your mailbox. Amnesty Switzerland just sent out a rather good flyer about hard labor camps where dissidents are being sent in North Korea. Better to do something about your grievances and feelings than just feeling sympathy, even if creating awareness is just a small step.

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