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BokerTov 03.09.2015 17:25

Amalfi Coast Travel - Tips & Insights
We will be traveling to the Amalfi Coast in the spring of 2016. I have been to Napoli once for a day and a half, but aside from that, the region is a big incognito for me - I can google of course, but if any EFers have any pointers, tips, must-not-miss, etc. all is very welcome.

We are thinking that we should visit Pompei. My mom said that Positano, Capri and Ischia are not to miss.

We have approx. 10 days - what we would like to do is perhaps 5-6 days of sightseeing (nature, historical, culinary delights etc.) and 4 days of sipping wine and eating delicious buffalo mozzarella in front of the sea. Hopefully at that time of the year it will be quiet and no big tourist crowds.

We will be going from Northern Italy, so all transportation is possible - airplane, train (Frecciarossa gets us from Milan to Napoli in 4:30-4:45 hours), etc. We'd rather not drive down, but were wondering whether it is easy to get around to all the sights down there without a car.

Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

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