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slammer 25.09.2015 16:46

I broke the pig
I need to blow off some steam, the motor heads will understand where my pain is coming from..
Now don't get me wrong, Iron Pig (BMW LT1100) doesn't have an oil leak, she is marking her territory, also she is not dribbling coolant like a dog pissing up a tree, she is a little incontinent.
All the same it was starting to annoy me, especially since I was getting oil in the water and water in the oil.
Only one reason for that, the seals on the combined water/oil pump had gone tango uniform, I ordered the parts from the local BMW dealer, they only took just over a week to get here, dismantled the fairing, took the pump off, got the new parts mounted…
…it went too well, just too easy!
I replaced the pump back on the motor, it slid on with a sexy smooth silky sigh, only there was about a millimeter gap, nothing to worry about, it's simply the tight fit of the turbine shaft to the engine.
I can pull it into place by tightening the bolts cross wise.
Tighten, tighten, tighten, very slowly, slowly does it……………….. gently does it……………….CRACK!
Split the bloody cast aluminum pump casing didn't I?
Anyway, as the broken off piece has a bolt hole I have used a lot of gasket sealant and hopefully it will withstand the oil pressure. EIther that is gonna work or hallo E-bay.

MsWorWoo 25.09.2015 16:49

Re: I broke the pig
I thought this was about politics at first.

k_and_e 25.09.2015 16:49

Re: I broke the pig

The_Love_Doctor 25.09.2015 16:55

Re: I broke the pig

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