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justintheexpat 14.01.2020 07:21

Gyms in Basel for 50-60 CHF
Any recommendations Iím not rich

Guest 14.01.2020 08:08

Re: Gyms in Basel for 50-60 CHF
Per session? Per week? Per month?

If you are watching a budget, buy a decent pair of running shoes and hit the track / trail / tarmac and combine with strength exercises and / or swimming. Swimming will set you back ~Chf 6-8 each entrance, plus thereís no contract to keep you hooked year on year.

NotAllThere 14.01.2020 09:11

Re: Gyms in Basel for 50-60 CHF
A quick google and I find:


59.90CHF a month. They have offpeak even cheaper. I've no idea if it's good or not, but they do offer a trial session with an instructor for free.

Check your supplementary health insurance, if you have it. Often hey will give money towards a gym. Mine gives 500CHF, which means I end up paying 70 CHF a month to get access to Migros Fitness and Heuwaage, Aquabasilea, Claraplatz and a few other places - and the associated other services.

As mentioned - be careful you don't get caught in a contract that's longer than you feel comfortable. Also be careful about renewals - some auto-renew. (Migros Fitness does not, which is good).

Edwmwang 15.03.2020 22:36

Re: Gyms in Basel for 50-60 CHF
Basefit is probably the cheapest you will find. I believe they just opened a location near Markthalle so you may sign up for a special price.

Gabrielle 25.05.2020 09:49

Re: Gyms in Basel for 50-60 CHF
Hi there, I am looking to sell my year membership for Basefit for CHF 150.00

Due to not canceling my gym membership within the 3-month time period (I thought it was one month) unfortunately I was forced to renew last week.

It is normally 500CHF, it can be used in any Basefit gym in Switzerland and is valid until May 2021. Selling for CHF 150.0

If interested, kindly email gabrielleconway@googlemail.com and will forward the contract, details etc and can then deliver/post the gym access entrance card.

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