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beneix 15.06.2020 11:22

Schools in France around Geneva
I'm looking for some information about the state French schools around Geneva. We'll have to move from Geneva to France and put our daughter in French school, a daunting prospect...

-Are there some collèges that people recommend over others? Are there some that provide extra support for pupils with weaker French?
-How difficult is the transition for a 13-year old to move from international school to French school, and what have people done to mitigate the shock?
-What should one think about when choosing school and thereby place to live (we are currently flexible what side of Geneva we move to)?

Any tips welcome, including if there are better forums to ask this in.

runningdeer 15.06.2020 12:17

Re: Schools in France around Geneva
There's the international lycée in Ferney-Voltaire which may be the closest thing in terms of a French public school, in terms of languages in particular. I've known kids living in CH who crossed the border to go there over the years. It's a big place, and has advantages,/disadvantages like everywhere.

Probably not your case as you mention international school, but if a parent works in Geneva there had traditionally been the option for child to attend GE public schools, but I understood this was being voted on in GE and was on the way out, but maybe still some flexibility if you act quickly.

FrankZappa 18.06.2020 21:35

Re: Schools in France around Geneva
I like to say: "France is very French", so be careful when stepping away from the lycée Internationale, which is an amazing melting pot. For instance in Annecy, where our kids (French/English bilingual) did most of their their schooling, I do not remember a single student who did not have native level French. No doubt there were a few, but it was completely different from the pays de Gex (Segny) where they went to primary school (27 nations represented). I guess, but do not know, that the collège and lycée in Gex are similar.

As already mentioned the lycée internationale is special. There are a lot of diplomats' kids, who, I've been told, tend to feel entitled.

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