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Carrie 08.03.2006 09:32

Mark's new avatar
Mark! - I've been gone a few days and you've changed your Homer head X-ray to this?

It is creepy-scary. In the way that clowns scare children, or that kids pee on Santa's lap.

Is anyone else scared? Cats and dentures make a kooky mix. :p

Lob 08.03.2006 10:19

Re: Mark's new avatar
schmile :D

mark 08.03.2006 11:19

Re: Mark's new avatar
Wait until you see Lob's new avatar.....

Don't be scared - I'll change it in a couple of weeks. If you think mine is bad - what about Richard's!

Lob 08.03.2006 11:35

Re: Mark's new avatar
Cork McNork...! :D

Richard 08.03.2006 15:48

Re: Mark's new avatar
There is nothing wrong with mine you toothless pussy...

Carrie 08.03.2006 17:51

Re: Mark's new avatar
In the famous words of Gwen Stefani, "This sh*t is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!"

Lob, you fancy milkshakes, eh?

Richard, you look like the boogie man goin' after someone's first-born.

So, is switching avatars something that happens frequently on English Forum?

Diem 09.03.2006 19:33

Re: Mark's new avatar
I must also express that Mark's pic scares me.

Lob's doesn't seem to be finished. Or maybe it's not what I was thinking.


mark 09.03.2006 22:22

Re: Mark's new avatar
You are all a bunch of whinging bastards... Ok, I've changed it to keep you happy. But now Richard has to change his to something that looks a bit more... well I think you know what I'm saying...


Carrie 09.03.2006 23:17

Re: Mark's new avatar
Thanks, Mark.........I can take the post-its off my screen now while I'm going through threads.

Diem - huh? I'm lost? Usually I'm pretty good at jokes, but I have blonde moments every once in a while. Can you explain what you mean about Lob's boobies? You mean it looks like coconuts in a washing machine or what?

Diem 10.03.2006 06:44

Re: Mark's new avatar
Carrie - are you sure they're boobies?

At first I thought they were, but I noticed some vital aspects were missing. Then I thought, well I'm assuming Lob is a guy, so maybe the picture doesn't represent boobies at all, but rather something more male.


Carrie 10.03.2006 07:07

Re: Mark's new avatar
Diem, will you please just say it? I'm starting to feel incredibily stupid. (However, this might be so far above my head now that I'll never get it.)

And I thought I knew a thing or too about boobs! Damn!

Lynn 10.03.2006 07:55

Re: Mark's new avatar
Ok I'm joining Carrie on this... Lob's Avatar looks like boobs to me... Girl wearing a skimpy halterneck at the gym or generally just jiggeling around... :confused:

Lob 10.03.2006 09:59

Re: Mark's new avatar
they're boobs? :eek:
I'm a guy? :eek:
Something's missing?!? :eek: :eek: :eek:

Richard 10.03.2006 11:33

Re: Mark's new avatar
I get it. Lob is only showing the top bit of the whole picture. Actually they are mens balls been shown from behind and an old mans at that...:D:D

Okay I succomb I will change my avatar for Mark seeing as he has put something nicer on...

Lob 10.03.2006 11:39

Re: Mark's new avatar


At the age of 14, a Zoroastrian named Wilma ritualistically shaved my testicles— there really is nothing like a shorn scrotum—it's quite breathtaking... I suggest you try it.


mark 10.03.2006 11:44

Re: Mark's new avatar
Richard - I think the ape suited you better :-)

People should be aware that they can take avatars from somewhere else, rather than the rather lame selection I put in the gallery.

I think this thread is rapidly degenerating....

Lob 10.03.2006 11:51

Re: Mark's new avatar
feel free to merge all completely shit and worthless threads into one mate ;)

Richard 10.03.2006 12:56

Re: Mark's new avatar
Mark, the thread maybe degenerating but it did produce the required results... I mean its like eating a great dinner - it looks great, tastes great, meets your expectations and ends up as?:D:p:D

Carrie 10.03.2006 16:01

Re: Mark's new avatar
I'm so frickin' baffled it isn't funny. I already tried asking my husband for help on this. He agreed this morning that those things looked like boobs.

Thanks, Lynn, for your support! I guess I know my boobs better than I know my balls!

Lynn 10.03.2006 16:06

Re: Mark's new avatar
Carrie, I think we just see boobs more often... and maybe we wish ours looked like that;) Seriously though, I can't see the balls... I've tried now all afternoon but I don't get it

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