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Theoslimm 13.01.2021 21:19

Re: How to package painting with fragile surface?

Originally Posted by Landers (Post 3262261)
I have some old tiles that fell of my bathroom wall which look pretty similar from the back side. 3000 CHF each.


OK, I know it's a bit cruel but a genius comment!

In my earlier post, when commenting that you can expect the odd paint flake to come off during transport, I originally added "...but this would only increase it's value"... then thought I was being too naughty so deleted it.

Made me think of the Banksy painting that partially shredded itself after the auction hammer came down and increased the value of the piece!

Gotta love this crazy art world

pilatus1 13.01.2021 21:32

Re: How to package painting with fragile surface?
Maybe try packing it so that no packing material comes in contact with the painting itself? Mount the painting to a panel and then build a box around it.

Attach a short (5cm or so) length of 20mmx20mm wood to each corner on the inside of the canvas frame with a screw (hole will not be visible later). Now your painting will have four little corner legs. Take a (larger than your painting by 5cm in each direction) piece of hardboard, center your painting, and screw through the panel from the backside (from underneath) up into each of the four legs.

Add a strip of 10mmx10mm wood along each of the edges of the hardboard panel. Make a 2nd identical panel of hardboard including edge strips.

Now you've got the front and back of your shipping box, with your painting mounted on the back panel, and you just need to add the four remaining sides. Use the strips on the edges as a place to screw these sides on. Add 4 more small strips,one in each corner. If the painting is very large or the material thin, you may need to add some more strips of wood across the center of the large panels as bracing.

Figure out the dimensions of wood you need, and have your local hornbach/Bauhaus/coop bau und hobby etc cut the pieces out for you (they can often do it as you wait/shop) it’s very inexpensive and leaves a nice clean cut edge.

With this way of packaging nothing needs to come in contact with the painting itself, it's simply suspended in a crush proof box. You could even mount the painting on little shock absorbers if you think it might help against the plaster flaking from impact shocks during handling.

A picture would tell a thousand words, but i'm no artist..

If you decide to go this route, keep in mind that stores will be closing soon due to coronavirus.

Good luck

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