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Lob 09.03.2006 15:56

Red Square
You are the Red Square. At around 12 seconds, everything goes quicker.

Good luck!

Diem 09.03.2006 19:28

Re: Red Square
Oh, not a comment about the book of the same name by Troy Kennedy Martin? Bah.

Anyway, that game found new depths in my attention deficit disorder. It's taken me longer to type this message than it took for me to get bored by it.


Richard 10.03.2006 13:00

Re: Red Square
Hi Lob,

Managed 36 seconds - so how do these god damned pilots manage the apparent 2 minutes...


mark 10.03.2006 13:19

Re: Red Square
Learning to play a game like this is a matter of practice, once you get used to the way it works you brain will make better decisions. Also - the game starts in exactly the same way each time. Therefore you could probably find the best sequence for the first 10 seconds or so and use it each time.

But the bottom line is who has the kind of time to try and master a game like this?

Oh let me think - you guys!


gooner 10.03.2006 13:29

Re: Red Square
with a little javascript knowledge you could go on for hours!

Lob 10.03.2006 14:16

Re: Red Square
11 seconds with two moves is easy. Comes very quickly.

The challenge in my opinion is that flat-looking slab. He homes in on you very nicely ;)

I never thought to view source. There's a safe-spot isn't there? The movements are cyclic so once you get it, you really get it.

gooner 10.03.2006 14:49

Re: Red Square
I got the same thing a few weeks ago, and it was way faster... if you got 10 seconds it was good, I got 25+ seconds on this one first shot. The movemetns are cyclic, and with those cycles there are safe spots, and you can slow it down or speed it up. with certain spots, sometimes smack bang in the middle, minimal movement is required.

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