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My2pups 10.12.2008 23:11

Photo album sites/software
I would like to put together a photo album as a Christmas present for parents/family. I have accounts at Flickr and Photobucket, but am wondering if there is another preferred solution (online) to not just store photos but to put together an online album.



swisspea 11.12.2008 09:23

Re: Photo album sites/software
I used snapfish which is branded as hewlett packard..

my only tip, use really high quality photos
AND it's extremely time-consuming...
the quality was excellent where the photos were good...and mediocre with mediocre photos (I absolve responsibility, the photos were from the grandparents)...

Jack 11.12.2008 10:01

Re: Photo album sites/software
I like Jalbum...very easy to work with, share with others and quite creative...

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