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jbrady 27.07.2009 13:39

Electric smoking machine [electric cigarette replacements]
Over the weekend I saw a very small article in an international newspaper.
This mentioned a new electronic smoking machine which meant that you can smoke without the smell or the cancerous tar.

I have been smoking every day since I was 11 years old (38 years ago) and now have chronic bronchitus and I MUST STOP SMOKING.

There was no mention of the brand or if it was on general release, but from the description, this seems like a good way to gradually wean myself off the weed / chemicals.

Looked at other smoking threads, but this more specifically about the new machine. Any input or name or experience appreciated

Verbier 27.07.2009 13:43

Re: Electric smoking machine

Results of Google search:


Blonaybear 27.07.2009 13:46

Re: Electric smoking machine
I have a relation in the UK who has used this with success and has not smoked for 3 months or used the device for the last month. However, it does not seem to be available in Switzerland.

jbrady 27.07.2009 14:00

Re: Electric smoking machine
Cheers - I will check some of the links out. What would be nice is somewhere here in CH where I could go into a shop. However, just did a search and it came up with a statement to s ay that only a medical qualified person can sell these in CH. There seems to be so many accessories and no mention about how long you get for your 80 CHF (Starter pack). Be nice if I could get this on the Krankenkasse

Hopefully someone else on the forum has tried these - I will order some anyway, as I need to stop.

Tried the Swedish Snus last week - it nearly killed me. Ultra light to Full strength in 2 mins. I need a more gentle approach.

Deep Purple 27.07.2009 17:25

Re: Electric smoking machine

Previous thread has a link to an online supplier. I know a couple of people who tried them but reverted back to cigarettes.

JanerMacP 27.07.2009 17:33

Re: Electric smoking machine
I saw this report on CNN just the other day.


evilshell 27.07.2009 18:37

Re: Electric smoking machine [electric cigarette replacements]
Friends of mine in the US have tried them and liked them. Not sure if they're smoking again now or not.

I quit a few years back using a drug from the doctor (Zyban). It worked really well for me, it just cut out the cravings completely. However, I'm an addict and I craved it the entire few years I'd quit. I started back up again when I got in a very, very stressful situation. Now I'm looking to quit again, but I don't think I'll go the Zyban route again, as it is an antidepressant and I just don't want the chemicals. But it was very effective for me.

Blonaybear 27.07.2009 18:54

Re: Electric smoking machine [electric cigarette replacements]
What about laser treatment ? Anybody tried it ?

BeastOfBodmin 27.07.2009 19:29

Re: Electric smoking machine [electric cigarette replacements]

Originally Posted by Blonaybear (Post 505064)
What about laser treatment ? Anybody tried it ?

From your link:

"Critics of stop smoking laser treatment programs state that the success rate is only as good as a placebo treatment. They feel that any benefit gained from stop smoking laser treatment is all in the mind. Around twenty percent of people treated with lasers in an attempt to stop smoking find that they do not receive the desired effect, and some do need to return for additional treatments. This is something that you should consider if you're thinking about laser therapy for smoking."

Sounds like snake oil. But then again, CHF 300 / 5 = 60 packets. If you have a treatment and the placebo effect keeps you off fags for longer than you would have taken to smoke 60 packets, you're a few grammes of nicotine and tar lighter, and have smoked 1,200 fags fewer.

Has anyone found that trying different "cures" that turn out to be "snake oil" or "placebo effect" makes sense financially? What about repeating "placebo effect" cures? Is anyone aware of any scientific studies of this?

BeastOfBodmin 27.07.2009 19:42

Re: Electric smoking machine [electric cigarette replacements]
I bought one of those electronic cigarettes for my mother for her birthday last year. She uses it still, but she also smokes cigarettes.

Blonaybear 30.07.2009 21:37

Re: Electric smoking machine [electric cigarette replacements]
You could try one of these, available by post from the UK.

jbrady 30.07.2009 22:59

Re: Electric smoking machine [electric cigarette replacements]
This inhaler looks worth trying. off to UK next week. Even if I cut down from 2 packets to one it will be a step in the right direction.
Thanks for the link

Treverus 30.07.2009 23:05

Re: Electric smoking machine [electric cigarette replacements]
Electronic cigarettes have been discussed in several EU countries critically, as they can be abused to smoke not only tobacco in public places without getting recognized (as they do not smell). Not only hash btw...

According to this, it is legal to have and use one in Switzerland, but the sale is prohibited:

Blonaybear 03.08.2009 10:00

Re: Electric smoking machine [electric cigarette replacements]
Perhaps the inhaler is a better idea than the electronic cigarette.

Tanker driver dragged to court for smoking - even though it was a fake cigarette

operagirl 03.08.2009 10:33

Re: Electric smoking machine [electric cigarette replacements]
The only way to heal an addiction is to heal the cause of the addictive behavior, whatever that might be for you.

Taking other drugs and using tricks may help break a physical addiction, but everyone knows the most difficult to heal is a psychological dependancy on something. If you are smoking then some part of you wants to smoke and believes you are better off smoking than not smoking, otherwise you simply wouldn't do it. Perhaps you are looking for relaxation, or some sort of reward, or some other feeling or sensation you feel only smoking can give you. If you find a way of achieving that sensation in another way than smoking, the smoking will naturally fall out of your life and you probably won't need electronic cigarettes or other drugs to help you.

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