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Arena 20.06.2007 22:19

Men..Gift Ideas Please??
First o all.. if this thread is in the wrong place.. sorry.. just fig its more general... :msnnerd:

Ok.. my husband has his bday comin up in abt 2 weeks and im sooooo confused as to what to buy him and I need a mans perspective... he loves gadgets BUT the man has it all!! :eek: He has a brand new laptop, an ipod like archos which he's obsessed with, we have a beamer AND tv, ofcourse the xbox360 premium with all the games etc, a great nikon cam, handycam... whats left!!??:msnsarcastic:

All i can think of is a little suprise dinner with the family, 2 tickets for lauryn hill (he loves her), membership for a year at the new gym, pool n spa @ sihlcity and a sunflower (his fav flower)! :rolleyes:

Its his last year in his 20's and I wanna make it extra special... I want to give him a gizmo cuz that brings the biggest smile on his face!! Men what would u want for a gift!!?? And remember its coming from the better half so no bottle o wine(he has them all), no perfume etc

ps.. know of any miraculous wonderful shaver or razor that keeps the stubble off for 12 hours atleast?? :D

Thanks already!!! :)

Pekka 20.06.2007 22:27

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
Send him away with his mates for the weekend. Works always.

Arena 20.06.2007 22:29

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
Thanks Pekka but not yet.. maybe when he's 40 and bored of me... then he can get the lady poppin outta the cake too ;)

Mikey 20.06.2007 22:36

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
How about the ultimate Swiss Army Knife



or this cunning little device, a USB Missile Launcher


Pekka 20.06.2007 22:37

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
I do not know if he is into cars, but something special would be to rent a Ferrari for a day or so? That is, if there's not one sitting in your garage.

Personally I appreciate something immaterial or at least easily disposable.

Blonaybear 20.06.2007 22:42

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
There's a programme on UK called The Gadget Show full of big boy toys. This might give you some ideas:


brie 20.06.2007 22:44

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
My guy is very similar, ever been to thinkgeek?? http://www.thinkgeek.com/

thundersinner 20.06.2007 22:47

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??

Arena 20.06.2007 22:55

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
Thanks blonay bear, brie, thundersinner... wil check out these websites!!! :msnnerd:

Mikey...wow! I never even knew both those existed... atleast not in that size !!! :eek: He's a bit on the clumsy side as well and I'm sure he'd hurt himself with that sak... and the missile thing sounds like fun... :)

Pekka.. no we dont have a ferrari in the garage... or anywhere in sight... :p thats a great suggestion tho...will have to look into the whole insurance issue first... :D

Mikey 20.06.2007 23:02

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??

Originally Posted by Arena (Post 75167)
Mikey...wow! I never even knew both those existed... atleast not in that size !!! :eek: He's a bit on the clumsy side as well and I'm sure he'd hurt himself with that sak... and sorry abt my ignorance but what do u do withat missile usb thingy?? :msnblush:

"Once installed on your PC or Laptop a radar screen will appear on your screen from which the launcher is controlled. Either click the mouse on the direction tabs, or simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard to adjust the direction and height that each missile will be launched at! The Missile Launcher will also generate an incredible noise through your computerís speakers, when firing."

Toptastic :D

Salgou4 20.06.2007 23:09

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??

These are really inexpensive and are great fun :D


You can buy them in ToysRUs and all over the place in Switzerland. Maybe not the main present, but a great little gadget.

Blonaybear 20.06.2007 23:12

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
Another thought - a helicopter flight over the Alps.

Arena 20.06.2007 23:13

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
hey cool!!! he loves toys and games and silly things.... :) thanks!!!!! browsing thru all the websites!!

thundersinner 20.06.2007 23:25

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??

sky diving Interlaken !

Flashman4 20.06.2007 23:35

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
Hi Arena

Don't buy anything until you've visited :





thundersinner 20.06.2007 23:39

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
A ridiculous suggestion :

A wood pizza oven for the garden !
But damn its about 1600 fr.-

Arena 21.06.2007 08:39

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
lol!! he'd love it and so wud the rest of the family....all italian so achtung baby!! but we don't have a garden... damn! (phew!) ;)

Arena 21.06.2007 08:40

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
Yes sir! have to run to work but will check it out when im back....thanks flashman!!! :)

tomcat 21.06.2007 08:41

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
What about a nice Rundflug in a Piper Arrow over the Swiss Alps?


This is from Grenchen airport, but other GA (general aviation) airports offer it as well.

Should be fun. That's how I got hooked on flying in 1999 ...

Arena 21.06.2007 08:42

Re: Men..Gift Ideas Please??
Hmmm... blonay bear... that sounds truly special and romantic and I'll save that one for our anniversary... :)

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