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Snowbear 31.10.2010 10:53

Can anyone identify this plant?
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The florist told me it was a "false bonsai", but I'm sceptical. I need to find some care information because many of the leaves are turning yellow, I suspect, from lack of sun.

I've had these plants before, and recall that the Latin name began with "S". Never had any luck keeping them for long... They look gorgeous for a few days and then quickly peter out. :(

I'd really like to get this one going again. It is a beautiful shape and I just love the little tear-shaped leaves.

biff 31.10.2010 11:06

Re: Can anyone identify this plant?
Genus "Sophora MIcrophylla", native to NZ, a very young Kowhai tree, perhaps. They have brilliant yellow flowers and yes, they do llike a sunny , warm spot.

Snowbear 31.10.2010 11:12

Re: Can anyone identify this plant?
Sophora! Yes, that's it!!

Alas, mine will never bear those gorgeous wisteria-type flowers, but now that it's in a sunny spot its leaves should brighten up.

Thanks guys! Happy Halloween.

biff 31.10.2010 11:28

Re: Can anyone identify this plant?

Here is a wikipedia link. There is another site that appears in a google search, that gives the leaf size as being much larger. (It is not. The leaf is small and delicate, even in the adult tree.

Snowbear 31.10.2010 11:40

Re: Can anyone identify this plant?
Yes, this is exactly the one, minus the flowers. The leaves are no larger than a match head, and there are about 8 in each cluster.

My plant is of the "Little Baby" variety, so the bonsai theory was correct. I see that it's deciduous, so perhaps the leaf loss is just seasonal and I was giving up too soon on my earlier plants.

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