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Verena Scherer 18.07.2007 06:47

Payback- Swiss tenancy contracts

Swiss tenants got rid of my pond and very expensive trees, what did I do? Let them stay at a further reduced rent so as to avoid the hassle of getting new tenants. They took on a 9 year old house given to them in near perfect condition, now they say that I need to repaint and recarpet as part of normal wear and tear. I'll get my white gloves out. I have had that done to me. I really liked my ornamental trees; they cost me a small fortune. The tenant is a lanscape gardener, the garden is now bare to make room for the dog.
If they want Swiss standard I'll happily oblige.

AbFab 18.07.2007 08:31

Re: Payback- Swiss tenancy contracts
And the tip is? Don't rent your house out when you are not there to check it every now and then?

Surely the tenants have to hand it back (less wear and tear) as it was. ie. with ornamental trees. Don't expect tenants to have the same outlook on the property as you do. They feel they've just spent a fortune on rent for 9 years - and I'd say redecorating after 9 years is normal.

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