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MDCP 01.12.2010 12:50

Furnished Appartments Vs Unfurnished

Wondering if it's good and cost effective (more or less) to go for furnished appartments and be flexible to change houses when you need (say after 1 yr) Vs take all furnishable items with you as part of relocation and get stuck with only those for few years. What's your advice

Lets say the relocation agency will pay me to bring what I want one time into Switzerland.


runningdeer 01.12.2010 14:22

Re: Furnished Appartments Vs Unfurnished
If you are looking in the bigger cities, ie. Geneve or Lausanne, furnished apartments are available and likely quite cost effective for short stays, i.e. less than one year, but there is a fairly significant price gap for furnished vs. unfurnished. I don't know of very many furnished options in the la cote area (Nyon, Gland, Rolle) that you seem to be looking at, but maybe there are more available than meets the eye. If your company is paying to bring your furniture here, then it makes more sense to use and bring your furnture. What would perhaps be more worthwhile is to see if you can negotiate a lump sum for installation cost set-up here in lieu of paying for relocation of furniture, as depending on where you come from, a lot of furniture may not fit or not mesh with the decor of the apt. you find.

Zoso 01.12.2010 14:27

Re: Furnished Appartments Vs Unfurnished
If your company is fitting the bill, then I would bring my stuff.

First off, the flat won't have 'everything' and you'll still need to buy whole lot of stull. And then you have the worrie of living with other people's stuff, so if you have company over and they spil on the couch (or whatever) then you will have extra stress when you leave the apartment and your landlord wants money for the 'damage'.

I think your costs would be much higher (in the long run) with a furnashed flat.

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