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MDCP 01.12.2010 12:58

Appartment Vs house cost point of view

What you think would be the cost difference between choosing to live in an appatrment near areas like Rolle, Gland, Nyon where shops, stations are close by Vs 10-12km away from city but typically 1-3 apparment houses, in woods... which is more cost effective and also how about the conviniences like shops, and schools

I am interested in Vaud state, Rolle, Nyon, Gland area

01.12.2010 13:03

Re: Appartment Vs house cost point of view
You will have to do the sums yourself. Houses are much more expensive to heat, and of course to rent, -everywhere.

runningdeer 01.12.2010 13:56

Re: Appartment Vs house cost point of view
Housing is really tight now in all the areas you mention, so be thankful if you find something. Generally speaking though, the higher you go up the mountains, ie. St-Cergue, Arzier, St-George, Biere...the lower the prices of housing. Staying in the valley will all cost about the same, give or take some amenities. Of couse a new build apt. next to one of the main train stations (if you can find one) is generally more expensive than a similar flat at the end of the same village.

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