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renewable 24.07.2007 19:36

Can foreigners rent out apartments?

[sorry if this is in the wrong forum, not sure where to start this thread]

Prices of houses in the UK are ridiculous - I'm thinking of buying an appartement in one of the french speaking tourist areas of Switzerland and living in it for 6 months of the year. I work from home on a PC so I can live anywhere really.

I don't have residency - only a UK passport; although I'd like to work towards getting residency at some stage.

Because I will only be allowed to live in Switzerland for 6 months of the year, I'd like to rent out the appartement for a few months when I am away.

I was wondering whether anyone here can help me with my question: although foreigners are allowed to buy in some tourist areas, are they allowed to rent out appartements and receive rental income?

renewable 24.07.2007 19:54

Re: Can foreigners rent out appartments?
d'oh.. not only have I spelt apartment wrong (used to flats :rolleyes:), I've found the 'Apartments and Housing' forum. Could I ask a moderator to move this thread, please? Many apologies.

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