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RGBaby 02.08.2007 22:31

Total Apartment Costs
Hello all, I find this website amazingly helpful so I appreciate all your advice. I will be moving to Zurich within the next 6 months to pursue my PhD at the University of Zurich and have some apartment questions.

I want to get a more clearer picture of the costs of living in Zurich. I have been noticing that some smaller apartments, studios what we call them in the States can run for about 800CHF. Now, I am sure you still have to pay water, electricity or any combination of utilities but can someone give me a clear idea of roughly how much each of those costs for a smaller-type apartment?

Those of you who do more cooking at home rather than eating out, how much are your groceries for just a single person per month also?

Thanks for your insights!!

PlantHead 03.08.2007 09:01

Re: Total Apartment Costs
we pay about 50sfr a month electric.
Heating and water are included in our Nebenkosten..but I do not know if that is typical.

Food depends on what you eat, if you spend 400Sfr a month you would be eating meat and being pretty healthy.

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