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Canuck4 27.02.2011 11:32

How many times am I required to show an apartment I am leaving?
We are moving out of our apartment and the rental agency is looking for a new tenant. I had a child in January and needless to say, my place is not as clean as I would like it. I had an open house from 11 am to 5 pm in January. I am also having a open house on a weekend in February. I explained to the agency that due to the various appointments and the new baby, it would be easier for me to have an open house once or twice a month. I looked in my rental contract and was unable to find anything regarding how many times the place must be available for showing. Also, I tried to find something on the mieterverband site but nothing came up.

We are moving out in March. I cringe at the amount of boxes there are going to be everywhere. And I know it is going to be less clean than it is now!!!!

Is it okay for me to keep having open houses and not show it to individual people?

Is there a rule out there on the amount of showings a exiting tenant must adhere to?

daniels 28.02.2011 10:39

Re: How many times am I required to show an apartment I am leaving?
I am not 100% sure, but I think you could plead with the letting agency and ask them to organize only one or two seeings, that should be enough. Usually they want to organize it themselves. We've done it and it worked - we had twice more than 20 people interested, so obviously that's enough. (but it was a very cheap flat)

Are you leaving respecting the deadline (3 months) or earlier? If earlier what you should do is have ONE financially sound person signing the papers saying he's interested -then you can officially ask the agency to be relieved of the rent you should pay until the deadline. The logic is: if they prefer not to accept this person, then they must pay for the rent. It's part of the law. Hope that's clear.

mojado 28.02.2011 11:58

Re: How many times am I required to show an apartment I am leaving?
As I was apartment hunting in Basel I remember in some cases all appointments to see the places were arranged with the current tenant. They organized only one or two visits a week for all interested people.

breagh 28.02.2011 12:25

Re: How many times am I required to show an apartment I am leaving?
Thats what we did.

Arranged for only ONE viewing at 9am on a Saturday morning.

We had about 9 couples walking around the place but after 40 minutes it was done and dusted.

We found that the requirement for apartments was high and if they didn't understand that everyone was to come together then tough!

We had boxes around too but again they have to understand that people move and pack.

Don't worry too much, relax, it's stressful enough.

Good luck

Guest 28.02.2011 13:24

Re: How many times am I required to show an apartment I am leaving?
Check that the agency dont just put up an ad on the internet and advertise your number with it! That's what happened to us.

We were getting calls on our mobiles and house phone at all times of the day. We did arrange a couple of block viewings, but all too often the prospective tenants said they couldn't make it and wanted an individual viewing.

Also, if the agency are advertising your apartment, check that they are giving the correct information. The amount of calls we got just to ask what size the apartment was and if it had a view was really frustrating.

In our case, we handed in our notice to leave well before the contractual deadline, so we did make an effort to accomodate most people and we even advertised privately as well in the hope that someone would take the apartment earlier.

As I understand it, unless you have a very accommodating agency, it is expected that the you arange with the prospective tenant any viewings (unless the apartment is vacant, in which case the agency does get involved).

I wouldnt worry too much about the boxes. Perhaps try and put them in one room, or in the cave? As mentioned in an earlier post, it's expected that when you are moving, there may be boxes or dismantled furniture lying around. I deliberately kept the nicer looking rooms clear of clutter to try and show off the apartment's potential and stacked the boxes up in a spare room.

Best of luck

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