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Swisstobe 01.05.2011 11:36

Anyone have experience buying furniture in France?
I live in Basel, within walking distance to France. I like the selection of furniture better in France, it's not just about the cheaper prices.

Is it easy to buy furniture in France and have it delivered to Switzerland? And are the costs for importing so high that it's not even worth it?

I know there are tax websites etc. that have been posted on the forum for me to visit, but they honestly confuse me.

I plan on spending anywhere from 1000-3500 Euros on furnishing an entire household, not all from one store and not bought all at the same time.

My taste is homey, and everything here in Switzerland is just too modern or too grandma-like.

Anyone have experience doing this?


01.05.2011 12:13

Re: Anyone have experience buying furniture in France?
I have done it 10 years ago.

You choose the furniture, give the shop a photo copy of your passport and Swiss permit. The shop gets a local firm to deliver it to your door. No French sales tax. 8% Swiss tax plus transport cost. Very cheap. Obviously if you can make everything in one delivery you will save money.

V__ 01.05.2011 12:52

Re: Anyone have experience buying furniture in France?
I did it few months ago. Went with a van, picked it up myself, showed permit (minimum 6 months of residency I think and 300 EUR minimum purchase). At the french border you ask for an export stamp on the documents from the shop and at swiss border you declare the goods and pay 7.6% I think and receive another stamp. The document with 2 stamps is sent to the shop and they send you a check.

If there is no customs at the border just slip the documents at their mailbox at the train station.

Some shops give immediate de-tax but you have to pay by credit card and within some months to send back the 2 customs stamps (or the one from Switzerland).

In France the VAT now is 21 point something I think so it is definitely worth the save, especially on large purchases.

Swisstobe 01.05.2011 18:50

Re: Anyone have experience buying furniture in France?
That's great news!! I'm ready to go shopping now!! :D

pamelap0420 07.09.2011 13:31

Re: Anyone have experience buying furniture in France?
Swisstobe, any luck on furniture? I am in the same boat--I find the Swiss furniture too techno and hard for my taste. Can you recommend any stores? Thank you!

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