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Powerlauer 16.05.2011 00:01

Glass Kitchen Surface Question
Hi! Has anyone out there had - have - will purchase a glass kitchen counter? just looking at some feedback! I saw it on some kitchen websites and think it looks amazing, especially with the LED lights! but that was on a UK website - if anyone has any input, would be appreciated!

Would like something a little less sterile than the kitchens I see in CH!:msncool:

Thank you

Kittster 16.05.2011 07:41

Re: Glass Kitchen Surface Question
My auntie has them in her houses, her architect boyfriend designed them himself. They are very happy with them, good to keep clean, etc. They have no kids though, so nobody is going to bash the edges and chip them with toys and such. It cost an absolute fortune though, still does, I have a glass splash back in my medium-sized future kitchen and it cost over three grand - that's just two not very thick square bits of glass cut to measure, whereas the counter is much thicker and they will have to cut a hole for the sink, adding costs.

pagl57 16.05.2011 07:59

Re: Glass Kitchen Surface Question
Some ads say that glass kitchen countertops can give a kitchen that sexy modern look that so many people today are looking for...:confused:

An ad says:
- it is tempered glass, so it is relatively durable,
- it can withstand weight but will definitely break if heavy objects are dropped onto it,
- its natural color is greenish but can be modified by coating opaque or translucent colors onto the backside,
- it can come in different finishes; smooth, textured, etched, sandblasted, grooved or patterned,
- it is non-porous,
- it is quite heat-resistant,
- it is relatively stain proof,

My 2 cents:
- everything in favor of hygiene is true as long as a countertop is in 1 piece; when cleaned normally, bacteria and food can only hide in the joints,
- if not dried properly, I think they are not that easy to keep clean, finger prints and moisture marks will easily show, especially on a non textured surface,
- when damaged or broken, there is no simple repair but total replacement of the piece,
- color matching can be difficult (with regard to natural or bulb light in the kitchen),
- I would avoid cutting vegetables directly on it.
- I wonder if our vision is clear and accurate when cutting on a non opaque, fuzzy surface.

As an intense kitchen user, my preference goes to inox and to the good old granite surface. It meets most of the advantages mentioned and gives a more robust and longlasting impression. I can imagine it can look fantastic, it can be an 'entertaining' element, but do I want to 'impress' myself every day with it?
Isn't it just something hip?

Powerlauer 21.05.2011 11:30

Re: Glass Kitchen Surface Question
Thanks so much, I want something a little different! Will look at using different lighting instead!

CH_Me 21.05.2011 12:07

Re: Glass Kitchen Surface Question
We have a glass breakfast bar. Something fell from the cupboard above and took a big chip out of the corner of the inch thick glass. It you can see dust on it the next after I wipe it and cup marks, fingerprints ect show up easily. It also scratches easier than marble or granite. I wouldn't recommend it.

AlexS 21.05.2011 12:51

Re: Glass Kitchen Surface Question
In a former life before coming to CH, I used to be a bench joiner, building my own kitchens from scratch, so for my 2 cents here goes.

There are many pro's & con's for all materials being used in kitchen surfaces (solid timber/particle board/granite etc), you just have to consider which ones are important to you and which ones you are prepared to put up with.

Things to consider with glass:
  • + If cut and installed properly it can look stunningly beautiful (especially if you have an open plan kitchen/dining room)!
  • + Very easy to keep clean.
  • + You can have different shades, depending on your taste, but some obscure colours, might be more expensive.
  • - It WILL scratch, without a doubt (but then so does any other material), so ensure you have plenty of mats/pads etc for pans (regardless of whether they for hot or cold pans) as the bases will scratch the surface over time and glass will show them up more.
  • - If you have a large expanse to cover, I would consider having some form of accidental damage insurance for it. Unlike timber that can be repaired (if you get a good joiner) fairly easily, glass is susceptible to chipping on the edges, or cracking due to a heavy pan dropping on it etc. and it's unlikely you will get a good repair that won't be noticable.
That's my contribution. Hope it helps. :)

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