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dazza11 15.11.2011 22:48

Packimpex - Review
Hi there - I just relocated from London to Basel and was moved by Packimpex. So often the moving stories are bad I wanted to share a good one.

These guys were great. I have no idea of the cost as the company took care of this, but the care they took when packing up my house in London and the care they took in reassembling everything on this side was great.

No breakages and here within 4 days!!

threebythree 16.11.2011 09:47

Re: Packimpex - Review

I'd like to reiterate this. We used Packimpex for our relocation from London and they have been very good throughout. Punctual, good communication, friendly and really careful with our personal belongings.

Danicc 18.04.2018 15:26

Re: Packimpex - Review
I just did my 4th move with packimpex back to CH and I have to say that it has been the worst move ever.
They mishandled our furniture at origin and we got some (serious) damages on it. On top of that we moved to a completely new apartment and they caused some scratches on the wooden floor, walls and even ceilling!! As we reported some of the damages after 24 hours they just informed us that they are not liable and will only take care of some damages in the wall but not the floor (thanks to their insurer) - no one informed us about the 24 hours and in fact they told us to inform them as soon as we unpack, which took us 4 days - we both work 100%.
Very unprofessional service

SoopaMoo 22.01.2019 18:20

Re: Packimpex - Review
I used PackImpex for our recent repatriation to the UK. They did a great job of relocating us from London to Zurich eight years ago. My partnerís company paid back then, but they quoted me less than both Pickfords and Fox in the UK. I would not recommend them for private moves. They took everything out of every drawer and cupboard and individually wrapped tiny unbreakable things in two sheets of A1 tissue paper, vastly increasing the volume. They demanded another CHF2080 on my credit card before delivery. Previously they had left everything in the drawers, bedside tables etc. I asked them to compare the volume to my move from London, but they have changed their computer system and lost the record. Another option is Lopa. They have great reviews on TrustPilot and weíre very helpful. The only reason I didnít use them was because they were unavailable over the Christmas period.

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