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newtoswitz 10.09.2012 15:46

Planning / Building Permission

I'm thinking of buying a holiday apartment that has a huge lounge, and would like to partition part of it as a kids bunk room (similar to what you get in many "kinder" hotels, an internal room with frosted windows for light). It would have no impact on external appearance or internal structure, in effect just being a set of very light partition walls.

The things which I don't know are:

1. Is this generally possible, or likely to be limited by rules in the specific development?

2. How is this handled in terms of building permits, if required? (e.g. in the UK this would be a Building Warrant).

Thanks in advance.

JamesAG 10.09.2012 19:50

Re: Planning / Building Permission
As far as I know, you only need a building permit if you are making structural changes (something that needs to be approved by a static engineer). My neighbor had to get a permit for some renovations because he added a new window (skylight) which changed the outside appearance of the house.

But putting up some drywall is not a fundamental change and does not change the appearance of the building or the static stability, so you shouldn't need to get formal permits. You should, however, inform your neighbors that there could be some additional noise for a few days...

newtoswitz 11.09.2012 17:18

Re: Planning / Building Permission
Many thanks for the response. Of course since I waited more than 24 hours the property is sold :msncrazy:, but it's useful to know for the future.

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