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Vlh22 03.01.2013 10:59

How do apartment exchanges work?
The title says it all really...

I'm looking to move, and I keep on finding adverts for an 'exchange'. Today I've found one where it seems I have what the other person is looking for and they have what I'm looking for.

But how does it work? I rent my property from a landlord, via a rental agency. How can I 'exchange' my flat - from my understanding the landlord picks the new tenant, not me! And vice versa.

Apologies if this is a really really stupid question... am I missing something here?

Thanks for any clarification.

Raquel 04.01.2013 01:48

Re: How do apartment exchanges work?
Hi Vlh22,

This is my idea about it: although the landlord picks the new tenant if you get a recommendation of the actual tenant and you have no financial problems to get this flat (and the same for the other person) you should not have a problem to be picked for the flat. In my experience this recommendation gives you the new flat to a 90%. But I would also be interested to know the opinion from someone who has actually done this "flat exchange" as I was also looking into it,

good luck!

Vlh22 04.01.2013 16:51

Re: How do apartment exchanges work?
Raquel, that's pretty much what I'm wondering - if how it works is you both approach your landlords and say 'I'd like to move and I have found x who is willing to exchange apartments with me' and the exchange only goes through if all parties agreed. But as you say, I'd like to have some confirmation of this theory.

I tried to ask Asloca but got told 'we don't offer telephone advice'... and I'm not making an appointment for one little question.

I'll ask my social worker next week. She may be able to shed some light on the matter.

I'll post again if I found out more.

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