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Graymeiste 25.02.2008 17:37

Living in France
Good day, everyone!

I've read several times that living in France is an option when evaluating housing in the Geneva area. I'm afraid that I get to show my ignorance in this area a bit now.

First, as someone coming from the US, is there any issue with living in France while having a Swiss work permit? I've done some searches on the forums, but I didn't see any definitive answers on that. Help, please?

Next, does anyone have any websites that they recommend for looking into housing in France? I've used the ones recommended for Switzerland extensively, and thank you to everyone who has offered those names!

Thanks again!

chemgoddess 25.02.2008 17:52

Re: Living in France
A few answers here: link to thread

FrankZappa 26.02.2008 12:21

Re: Living in France
To find an estate agent, I'd just go to Google France and type in "agence immobilière where-I-want-to-live". You have first to make a rough choice where: Pays de Gex is close, but expensive and one big housing estate IMHO (we left after 2 years renting). At the other extreme, Annecy is far (50km) & whilst not cheap, has lots of choice & a much better quality of life. You also have south of Lake Geneva, which is somewhere in between. And other choices too. Someone on the forum was thinking of commuting from Chamonix:eek:.

There ain't no ideal. Like everything in life, you have to find the compromise that suits you.:msnnerd:

J.L-P 06.03.2008 01:02

Re: Living in France
What nationality do you have? If you are going to live in France and you are American- you'll need a permit (call your closest French Consulat for info). The cost of living in France is definately alot cheaper than in CH! (I did the border jump for years). :)

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