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Sophie76 12.01.2014 23:26

Question about parking for wengen residents
We have found a fab apartment in wengen that we are thinking about purchasing. Does anyone have experience of getting a permanent car parking space in lauterbrunnen, or know how difficult it is/how long it takes?

sunthings 12.02.2014 13:06

Re: Question about parking for wengen residents
I don't know about availability, but I do know the parking spaces are quite pricey. We've had our flat for 40 years and my neighbor owns his parking space. He guesses the price could be as high as 45 k . For me, I never saw the point in owning a space, the only thing to remember is to book ahead in the peak winter weeks.

Sophie76 19.08.2017 23:08

Re: Question about parking for wengen residents
Just a quick update about parking spaces in the lauterBrunnen train station cAr park for wengen residents or second home owners. You don't need to buy your space. If they have any available you can rent them and pay monthly. Nothing like the price quoted in the post above. There is a waiting list though so you may not always get one immediately. It is definitely worth renting one if you travel up to wengen regularly. We go most weekends and it's great just getting straight in and onto a train without any faff.

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