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Rocko 02.06.2014 17:51

Damage claim against moving company
Hi all,

It's my first time posting a thread but I have been using EF as a reliable source of reference since I moved to Switzerland 3 years ago!
After reading through several posts on movers recommended, we decided to use Alfa Transporte for our move to Zurich. My bf and I were moving in together so it was two separately contracted moves. Alfa subcontracted the move to third parties so when my bf's movers did an amazing job on his, my movers were a completely nightmare.
On top of breaking several furniture like chipped the glass table and managed to knocked out the entire corner of my wardrobe, they also damaged the metal door frame of my new place and the walls. Not to mention they threw my white sofa into their dirty truck without any wrapping and it arrived at the new place with brown hand prints all over it too.
On the contract they noted that they have insurance, and I also had the movers acknowledged these damages on the contract. I wrote up a report along with photo evidences to Alfa Transporte but after weeks of chasing they only want to offer 105 CHF for damages.
I will MUCH rather have them repair the damages done on my new apartment, and 105 CHF for a damaged wardrobe and glass table is a joke. Both were bought brand new when I moved here 3 years ago.

Sorry for the long background story, so the question is what else can I do to reinforce this? I contacted my insurance agent and they claim they have nothing to do with it. Is that even true?

Thank you all in advance for any advices!

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