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Scandinavian Viking 10.07.2014 00:11

subletting an apartment near Basel
Hi EFers ,

I have a great opportunity on hand to travel to the US for a period of one to two years. Currently living in a rented apartment.

I like the idea of keeping the apartment while subletting it ... Any good pointers or bad experiences..


Medea Fleecestealer 10.07.2014 11:13

Re: subletting an apartment near Basel
Yes, ask your landlord if he/she/they agree to this. If they don't you can't do it.

Darn posting averages. :(

No, you need to let your landlord know too.


adrianlondon 10.07.2014 11:47

Re: subletting an apartment near Basel
Really? I thought a landlord can't stop someone subletting so long as you're not making a profit (ie the rent you charge can't be much more than the rent you pay, taking into account you're probably renting unfurnished but subletting furnished).

maninwhitecoat 09.08.2014 11:23

Re: subletting an apartment near Basel

This is a useful site giving all sorts of useful information on the subject

On another note, did you sublet your apartment already?

ameriswisslady 11.08.2014 13:15

Re: subletting an apartment near Basel

My husband and I are interested in finding an apartment in Basel and a sub-let might give us the time to get acclimated and to find a permanent apartment of our own.

Can you tell me if you have decided to go that route and if so, how
much you might let your apartment for?

We are in our late 50's and have great references. I am American and my husband is Swiss and were living in America. We temporarily settled in Winterthur but have no really liked it and were targeting Basel as our new home.

Please let me know if this might be a possibility to explore.



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