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Nina123 27.03.2008 22:06

Luchswiesen, Zurich not safe?
Hello all,

Would anyone know if Luchswiesen, Zurich (third last stop on Tram 9) is a safe area to stay in? I know most residential places in Zurich are pretty much safe to stay, but one of my friends mentioned that he is not too sure about the safety aspect there, and that one should check before moving in there. Would be very grateful for your opinions.

Uncle Max 28.03.2008 09:46

Re: Luchswiesen, Zurich not safe?
Er, life is full of risk. Thankfully, life in Zurich and Switzerland in general is pretty low risk.

Go there, see the place, walk into a shop and ask them how safe the neighbourhood is... this isn't Harlem ;)

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