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Emily1 05.08.2014 02:07

Wood restoring recomendations
Hello Friends,

I have just arrived and am on the look out for carpenter/upholster/antique restorer that anyone might recommend in the ZH/ZH unterland area. Some acid got split on my wooden dresser in the move over (watch out for Movecorp) and i need quotes for the insurance asap! I am looking for a professional job here as this piece is very precious to me!

thank you

Sbrinz 05.08.2014 02:20

Re: Wood restoring recomendations
Any antique furniture carpenter will have a workshop, or know somebody local.


Guest 05.08.2014 09:33

Re: Wood restoring recomendations

I can personally recommend this company. They speak only German.

amogles 05.08.2014 10:03

Re: Wood restoring recomendations
I recommend

Bianchera Mario

Hofwiesenstrasse 226, 8057 Zürich
044 361 42 22

AlexS 05.08.2014 13:25

Re: Wood restoring recomendations
I can't give you a name of such a person/company sorry, but I can offer you some advice.

Is the finish of the dresser a lacquer/French Polish/varnish/shellac coating?

If so and you've only got a relatively small are that needs repairing (as opposed to the whole top or side etc), then you'll need someone pretty experienced and capable to cut-back the existing finish around the damage and then blend in new polish/finish to match the older finish.

As it's valuable to you, I would also suggest you see some work the tradesperson has worked on before to assess the workmanship. Filling in/repairing damage is certainly not impossible, but needs a much higher level of competence to achieve a flawless finish that's consistently blended with the rest of the piece.

Good luck with it.

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