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SwissMD 09.07.2015 21:02

Patio ceiling fan?

I would like to add a ceiling fan to our semi enclosed patio. Are there any rules against this? Unlike our Swiss neighbors, we like a little breeze. Our patio is tucked into a corner so we don't get much natural air movement.

I would use an outdoor rated fan, but it's drilling into the concrete ceiling that worries me. How much would the landlord freak out for this.


JagWaugh 09.07.2015 22:28

Re: Patio ceiling fan?
It depends. You could ask for permission, chances are the answer will be "no" (drafts are dangerous, you have no idea how many people die from them every year, even more than the death toll from drinking Coke while eating Fondue). The other option is put the damned thing in, and spachtel the holes over when you move back out It is almost always easier to get forgiveness than permission).

Don't drill the mounting holes so deep that they end up being drain holes one floor up (3x 40mm Dübel in a 45mm deep hole is fine for a 70-80 cm Fan). With a bit of luck you won't hit any rebar. Place the fan in the middle of the ceiling so that rain can't get to it . Cieling fans are indoor rated- I've never seen one with an outdoor rating (not even in the US/Canada), but as long as there is no water getting close to it it will work. Indoor bulbs won't last long, Outdoor rated bulbs are hard to find, try Landi, or just be prepared to replace them every year. The fans do cause some vibration, so don't even bother with Halogen.

Trivia note, almost all ceiling fans still follow George Westinghouse's original Patent from the turn of the century.

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