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Mankyi 01.09.2015 11:11

Recycle waste in Zurich
Hi, sorry if this topic isn't new here. I'm looking for info on how waste recycling is done here. I'm pretty much used to London system of recycling, where almost nothing goes to landfill, while here I have realized that I get around 2-3 bags of landfill rubbish per week!
How does rubbish get sorted here? Do we need to separate food waste? I have seen green bins for garden waste - do I dispose of food waste in one of those also?
How do I dispose of, say, pizza boxes? They don't fit in a regular Zuri-Sach bin bag.

TobiasM 01.09.2015 11:41

Re: Recycle waste in Zurich
Look at the days in the month when they collect paper and cardboard, they wont be on the same day. You will need to tie your paper neatly in a bundle and you will need to tie your cardboard neatly in a bundle. (separate them properly as they wont take them unless you do so) You can order a bin and pay to dispose of green waste separately, although there are some places with composting that you can visit yourself.

Glass and Alu/steel can be found at bottle banks located all over the place.

Plastics and batteries can be found at most larger supermarkets COOP and Migros.

Electronic items can be taken to a recycle depo near you.


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