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beingpong 13.10.2015 15:47

Hello Everybody,

Im living now in an apartment i n Basel. i want to move into a caravan therefor im searching to rent a nice piece of land in Basel Stadt area where i can park a few caravans and perhaps create sort of a Wagenplatz.

My question is if anyone here can address me to a contact regarding renting a land, where it is permitted to live on. it can be anything from a piece of nature, to abandon industrial area.

Does someone know how do i start this procedure and who do i contact?
since i cant seem to find information about this in the internet.

Thanks in advance!!

dodgyken 13.10.2015 15:50

Re: Land
Will you be keeping dawgs? :D

Mullhollander 13.10.2015 16:00

Re: Land
Basel is planning to set up ten parkplaces for travellers by 2017 - you might want to be patient:


Sbrinz 13.10.2015 16:04

Re: Land
To be successful, the only place you may rent land for a caravan, is on an approved, operating camping site. Anywhere else will be against planning regulations, and you will be moved on.

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