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atacris 27.08.2016 17:14

Buying furniture online and shipping to Zurich
Hi All,

I have recently moved to Zurich and am completely new to having to furnish an apartment from scratch.

I am wondering if anyone might have experience shopping online and shipping furniture from Germany, Italy, France etc.?

Is that relatively painless or a complete hassle (e.g. incurring hidden custom taxes etc.) as compared to IKEA or other local options?

Appreciate any advice/feedback. Thanks

Mrs. Doolittle 27.08.2016 19:20

Re: Buying furniture online and shipping to Zurich
There have been many posts about this.

I do not buy furniture online as I like to see what I am buying.

There are many people leaving Switzerland selling nice furniture which is available right away and you can arrange delivery with some of the people who offer their services on EF. The great thing is everything can be done in English.

Why not post on EF under "items wanted" and see what is on offer. You need to meet the requirements before posting under that section.

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